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We are a recognised film, media and design education and training charity based since 2008 in the heart of our community in north Lambeth. Our media studio workshop is in the famous Lambeth Walk SE11 6EE at Number 157. Practicing film and design professionals tutor young disadvantaged talented adults from under-represented groups in free workshops for skills and employment training courses relating to their specialisms of film and media, and design. Courses are nationally accredited with the unique selling point of work placements paid at the London Living Wage, mentoring from inspirational young practitioners and industry representatives. We ensure our trainees achieve a renewed sense of self confidence and clear goals after the course; we stay in touch after traineeships for years not just months..

Below is what some clients and associates and participants have had to say about us so far:

2018  my.Accomplice, Cleo Samoles -Little,  Ghetts music video promo

Thank you so much for letting us film and all the extra support you provided. We appreciate that so so much. Once again you saved the day - can't actually thank you enough really.  Bless the runners as they stayed late; they were so helpful - really glad to have them on the team. I can't wait to send you the finished thing! Very excited. All the best, Cleo


2017 Creative Skillset, Lisa Howe, Film Manager

On behalf of Creative Skillset, I am pleased to confirm that we have worked with Creative Sparkworks to support delivery of its new entrant training programmes, upskilling diverse groups of young people with the knowledge, contacts and know-how to enter production, craft and technical roles in the creative industries.

Projects have been very well delivered and received, at all levels – from the practical execution of the activities through to the administration and financial management.


2017  Governance & Resident Engagement Manager Housing Services London Borough of Lambeth

Mark Howarth writes ‘We are very impressed with your report and wondered whether you would willing to be put forward for the project of the year to be voted on at the Residents Assembly. There are other summer projects which have involved arts but not film as well which makes it unique…’ (We won a generous prize as runners-up!)

2017   Vocational Support Worker for the LEO Team,South London & Maudsley NHS – Jide Ashimi

 ''I would like to say that I have worked in partnership with Creative Sparkworks in establishing a vocational pathway for clients using Lambeth Early Onset Services. Creative Sparkworks have proved invaluable in supporting the creative and artistic development of clients who have attended their programmes and benefited from the activities that they offer. They work in a way that is person centred and socially inclusive. People attending the courses are from diverse backgrounds and all age ranges, which provides a strong sense of community and connection. The focus is on the activity and the process is one of normalisation, whereby the person’s mental health condition is not the focus of the session but the person’s interest in the creative activity. The staff at Creative Sparkworks are committed and highly experienced in their own specialist areas and offer industry leading training, support and mentoring. Creative Sparkworks have a successful and proven track record in delivering high quality and impactful ‘Film, Media and Employment Skills Courses’

2017  Alumni of Train2Film2GainSkillUPS course and currently freelancing as cameraman,

"The best thing about Creative Sparkworks for me, well, two things are:
 The level of equipment they have and the fact that they grant me and any other Creative Sparkworks alumni use of the equipment. This gives me a chance to earn my own money, all while developing my skill level using industry equipment. Also Their links to the film/tv industry. They are always burgeoning new relationships with film/tv production companies which have afforded me some great opportunities to get a foot in the door of the industry."


2017   Alumni of Learn2Film2£arn course and currently Peer Mentor

 Creative Sparkworks is a wonderful organisation for any young person who thinks they want to learn about film and study it. For me, they helped me with a lot of stuff like being on the set of 007 and interviews at Film London. If you want to learn your trade there is no better place than Creative Sparkworks.

 2017   Alumni of Learn2Film2£arn course currently freelancing as cameraman and runner

 "Creative Sparkworks has changed my life. They have given me the confidence and opportunity to pursue a   career in film. Their continued support and guidance is invaluable. They are friendly and accessible, they really help you individually. It's not just an organisation it's a community that I'm proud to be part of. I have endless gratitude and respect for every member of Creative Sparkworks."

2017  Junior Alumni of 4 film courses and summer projects, currently started at film school,

Creative Sparkworks always has something new each time. One course will never be the same as the previous one, which helps Sparkworks evolve and helps students find and make friends with people they want to. Also, the end result is an amazing film which is always the best part!


2016   Producer of FILMLONDON “London Calling” prize winning production Knock Down Ginger

“I’m so, so thankful for coming into contact with Sylvia and all the “Learn2Film2£arn” team involved at Creative Sparkworks. They were an absolute godsend for our BFI/Film London backed short film ‘Knock Down Ginger’. We employed 8 of their film course students as runners and marshals and their general effort, enthusiasm and film knowledge was inspiring to see. No job was a chore and they all without exception where a joy to have onset. I wouldn’t hesitate in employing them to do future projects – I feel very grateful to have got to know the work that Creative Sparkworks do and hope to devote some of my own time to get stuck in in the future!”  Henry Napier-Brown  -Producer (Rooted Productions)


 2015   Production Guild company affiliate FILMFIXER director Andrew Pavord

He says “Knitting professional support together with charities on the ground is essential to making sure Londoners benefit fully from local filming. The right infrastructure is essential. There’s a great deal of good will on the part of big budget filmmakers. A lot of people in the industry welcome the opportunity to give young people a hand up the ladder. But there has to be support on the ground, connecting young people in to these opportunities. Creative Sparkworks is a brilliant example, working with young people every step of the way, often from homelessness, into skills training and crucially, paid work.”


 2015   HeadStart - The Challenge Network Assistant Programme Manager 

“The opportunities you have helped to provide young people throughout the borough have been fantastic, and it’s been brilliant seeing how the volunteers have grown as a result of the experiences you’ve offered them! I sincerely hope that you’ve found them helpful and enjoyable to have around.” (HeadStart charity gets young people volunteering in their local community so that they mix and volunteer locally and get involved with the great work of local charities)





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